Our aim is to aid! Visual story telling has the ability to transform attitudes and emotions. When it comes to Production, we can help through all stages.

  • Pre-Production – We feel it is important to understand every aspect of the clients needs. By working on a personal level, we help to conceptualize and formulate an ideal visual experience.
  • Production – Whether on location or here at Infinitree Studios, were equipped with all tools necessary to bring the project to life.
  • Post-Production – With multiple editing stations and high performance machines, we make your vision a reality. Through close engagement we allow for the clients story to be told their way.


We have the ear and the gear! We realize that clean audio is imperative for a professional production. That sounds about right!

  • Live Sound/PA – Versatility is key. Our Three-Way Line Array Element system allows for high-quality reinforcement in applications such as concert and corporate A/V presentations of all shapes and sizes.
  • Live Multi-Tracking – We use multi-input digital interfaces to capture high quality audio recordings.
  • Sound Design – To add depth to the visual environments, we can record and mix in elements to help fill out the scenes.
  • Mixing & Mastering  Whether we tracked it or the client needs assistance, we provide a crisp blend of instrumentation through high-end digital audio workstations.


Don’t let the darkness get to you, let us be your beacon! Lighting is key to setting moods, lets make it feel right.

  • Concert/Stage – With high end moving head and static fixtures, our interactive controller allows for the variety you need in putting on a Rock’n show.
  • Film Set – Utilizing fixtures to their dynamic capabilities, we can match the emotion & tone for any narrative or documentary set.
  • Event Space Weddings, GALA’s, Conventions, Holiday, and Private


We also want to preserve that moment! Still photography is important when displaying life’s events. Lets archive history.

  • Sessions  Engagements, Anniversaries, Weddings, Portraits, Live events, and Product shots
  • Editing – We work with the client to get the right style and feel for the photos.